Georges Laraque, professional hockey-player, goes vegan

 (Translated by Chloe Boone)

As of June 1, 2009, none other than Georges Laraque has opted for a vegan lifestyle after having watched the documentary on animals used in industry, Earthlings. It's Laraque's compassion for animals that has motivated his decision and, in collaboration with the MVA, has become actively involved in several animal related issues. Part of this project includes a documentary by "Les Productions J" that will be released on TVA in the coming months. Our very own nutritionist, Anne-Marie Roy, over-sees Georges' health and well-being.

The MVA is proud to have approached Georges on the subject of the Vegie-challenge. Its success has far surpassed our expectations! « This is easier than training » joked Georges Laraque.

Here is a link in the Journal de Montréal in which Georges Laraque describes his passage into veganism.

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Author: Sameer Muldeen



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