February 2012 vegan potluck


Come share a meal with the vegetarian community of Montreal. As usual, everyone will bring a meal for three to four people to be shared with the other participants. It is an opportunity to meet our members and share recipes, ideas and projects for a veggie lifestyle.

To ensure that everyone can eat without asking any questions, please bring a vegan meal, that is to say without any animal products (no meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish...), ormilk, butter, cheese, yogurt, egg, honey, chicken broth, gelatine, etc.). 

What is a potluck?


We invite all participants to transcribe their recipe ingredients on a sheet of paper to be placed in front of their dish. It is not necessary to bring plates or utensils.
When: Sunday, February 26 to 1 p.m.
Where: Crudessence loft, 5333 Casgrain Street - 8th Floor (entrance will be at 5334, rue de Gaspé)


Author: Réginald Beauchamp



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