World premier of the hard-hitting film Terriens

 (Translated by Nisha Coleman)


Last January 8, the film Terriens (Earthlings), produced and directed by Shaun Monson with Georges Laraque as narrator, had its world premier in Montreal. This event attracted a great deal of media attention and more than 600 spectators. The MVA is proud of its role in this event which help to open up the eyes of many.

Here is a glimpse of Terriens’ world premier in the media.

Georges Laraque at Salut Bonjour for the premier of Terriens

A great match with Georges Laraque against Nathalie Petrowski on the Christiane Charette show.
A one to nothing score for Georges!

Vidéo vedette of cyberpresse on January 7, 2010: Mass media starts lifting the veil on disturbing images of violence against animals.

Author: Anne-Marie Castilloux



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