Salon National de l'Environnement 2008

(Translated by Nisha Coleman)

The 13, 14, and 15 of this past June, we participated at the Salon National de l’Environnement. We presented the impacts of the meat industry on the environment and are pleased to report that we met with thousands of individuals who were quite receptive to the disturbing facts being presented.

Notably, the ecological cost in the production of one pound of beef:

- 30 000 litres of water, the equivalent to 6 months of daily showers.
(United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, “water-more nourishment per drop”, 2004)

- 13 pounds of grain, enough to produce 20 loaves of bread and feed 20 families for a day.
(US department of Agriculture, 2001 taken from Cool Farming report by Greenpeace)

- These grains require 146 square metres of land to be produced.
(WWF Switzerland)

- This production requires close to 4 litres of gas.
(World Watch Institute report)

- Close to 6 kilos of CO2 are released.
(Foster et al., 2006. Cool Farming Greenpeace)

- and 40 pounds of excrement that eventually ends up into the ground and water systems.
(Environment Canada)


We presented the World Watch Institute reports and those of the FAO, which affirms that the meat industry is more polluting than all transport combined. People were surprised to hear us say things out loud that in our society are habitually hushed. Most were not aware, and were surprised to learn, of the true cost of meat. They were also pleased to learn that by avoiding meat and choosing vegetarian meals, they are making the most important environmental impact.

In fact, many learned that vegetarianism is the most ecological action. Our team continues to support, inform and bring together vegetarians, vegans and those simply veggie-curious!



Alexandre Gagnon est le fondateur principal de l'AVM. Il aime le tofu à toutes les sauces et il est webmaster de l'AVM depuis sa création.



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