The Montreal Vegatarian Association is a non-profit organisation and everyone who is involved is doing it on a volunteer basis. We are always looking for motivated individuals for a diversity of projects, and thanks to our volunteers, things are taking shape and the Association is getting more organized everyday.

Who can become a volunteer?
Every member that is vegetarian/vegan can take part in our efforts to promote the vegetarian lifestyle.

How can I become a volunteer?
Every member that wishes to take part in a project, a campaign, management or even set up his/her own project for the association is invited to communicate with the administrative coucil via this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How does the administrative council evaluate service offers?
Any help, in every form is welcome, and the administrative council only looks at the offers to make sure that they understand the way in wich you can help the association attain its goals. Review of the offers is not done on an approval/rejection basis, but it is rather performed to figure out the right approach to  make your volunteering experience a tailored one that fits your needs as well as those of the Association.

We currently need volunteers for translation (mainly from French to English, but also some articles from English to French), for fund raising, in graphic design, for creating podcasts, and for recipes (in French).

You can also consult the Volunteer Guidelines for information on holding our information kiosks.


Campagne de recrutement de bénévoles

There are no translations available.

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La rentrée de l’AVM arrive à grand pas et nous sommes à la recherche de bénévoles pour créer ou implanter nos projets. Samedi le 29 août prochain, nous vous invitons à rencontrer les différents membres des comités de l’AVM ainsi que du Festival Végane de Montréal. Peu importe vos talents ou intérêts, nous pourrons vous diriger vers les bonnes ressources si vous souhaitez vous impliquer à la promotion du mode de vie végé.

Pour vous donner une idée, voici quelques-unes des opportunités de bénévolats actuels :

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