Montreal Vegetarian Association Mission

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The Montreal Vegetarian Association

Founded in 2005, The Montreal Vegetarian Association is a volunteer-driven charitable organization governed by an elected board of directors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about the many benefits of a vegetarian diet for the environment, the health and the animals.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people think critically about their food choices, where growing numbers of businesses, community groups, and organizations inspire people to make healthier, greener, more compassionate choices, and where nutritious, sustainable plant-based foods are accessible to all.

Our Goals

The MVA goal is to introduce and promote the advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle regarding:

a.     Health
b.     Environment
c.     Animals
d.     Global food balance
e.   The economy
Several methods are used to accomplish this:
-       Cooking courses, workshops and conferences on different themes;
-       Information booths in various shows, exhibitions, and fairs;
-       Screening films related to our mission;
-       Organized visits to businesses who make vegan products;
-       Magazine or newspaper articles, letters to the press, appearances on radio and TV  programs;
-       Participating in discussion forums, public debates, etc.;
-       Participating in protests or solidarity marches;
-     Newsetter and website providing information on news, articles or activities related to vegetarianism, etc.
-      Organizing social activities (potlucks, hikes, apple picking, picnics, etc.) in order create bonds and networking among vegetarians, vegans, the veggie-curious. 


The MVA considers itself an open association, willing to accept everyone. It helps people alter their way of eating at their own respective pace. The idea is to promote a diet that is as respectful as possible to the largest number of living organisms.

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Note: On its website and in its communications, the MVA uses the term "vegetarian" to mean anyone whose diet is derived from plant sources, the definition found in the Grand dictionnaire terminologique from the Office Québécois de la langue française. 


Alexandre Gagnon est le fondateur principal de l'AVM. Il aime le tofu à toutes les sauces et il est webmaster de l'AVM depuis sa création.



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