Membership Membership

Who can become a member?
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Anyone in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle
By becoming a member
  • You allow MVA to reach their objectives: the promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle for health, animals and the environment;
  • You give your financial support to the MVA allowing participation in fairs, holding educative
events and awareness raising campaigns;
  • You benefit from discounts in certain vegetarian restaurants and vegan stores;
  • You benefit from reduced rates at paying conferences and activities.

How much does it cost?

  • Depending on your age, the annual rate varies between $20 and $ 25.

So, you're in?

1. Fill out the subscription form here (currently only available in French).

Formulaire adhesion 2015

2. Choose your membership below:

  • Student: $20 per year (25 years of age and younger with proof of enrolment)
  • Adult: $25 per year
  • Adult: $100 for 5 years
  • Senior: $20 per year (65 years or older)

3. Your membership card will be mailed to you once payment reception and is valid for a period of one year starting the mailing date.

4. A lost or stolen membership card can be replaced for $25. Keep it safe!

To become a corporate member and for all information about corporate membership, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 438-238-3237 (8343).



Rabais étudiant

There are no translations available.

T'es étudiant.e et tu cherches des rabais pour manger VG? L'AVM te fait un prix spécial rentrée sur ton adhésion : 10 $ pour un an (au lieu de 15  $) jusqu'au 15 septembre 2018.

Pour t'abonner, clique-ici :

Pour la liste des rabais, c'est par !

IMPORTANT: Assurez-vous d'avoir rempli le formulaire d'abonnement/renouvellement accessible ici avant de réaliser votre paiement.


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